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your home should feel like you

At Interior Elements, we provide a organic approach to our design process. With experience and passion in interior design and a firm belief in client communication, we manage each project with a personal commitment to deliver the spaces our clients long for.  Designed with the Elements of personality, charm, and luxury. Below is a list of our services. 

Interior Elements works with you to coordinate and plan the interior design scope and project. We take it to another level by working together to dissect your lifestyle, budget, and design style that you envision. We have a very organic approach to our design process, it's ultimately up to you how we delegate throughout. We typically separate your project into phases, this allows you to accomplish the design from beginning to end, that way it can be executed to the expectations that we equally share. The phases are like a puzzle, analyzing a timely and organized fitting, making sure your selections work with one another and in the end creating the space you imaged. 

Residential Remodels:
We offer remodeling and renovation services; this includes a complementary consultation at the job site, and from there we do a client assessment of the home and style that is desired. We work off of a retainer fee that we collect up front, and with that you will receive weekly updates. From there we take the first step in the design process, meaning we select every detail for you, tiles, flooring, countertop material, etc. Then down to the small details, including hardware and accessories, we fine tune the project to where it's complete and ready for our clients to walk in and enjoy. Per the clients decision, we can manage the entire job from beginning to end, or we can simply make the selections and hand your way for you to control. 
New Construction:
Our advice when building a new home is this: hire Interior Designers at the beginning of the project. When you hire us at the beginning you have a point-person who is an expert partner in choosing the endless amount of selections that need to be made when building a new home. With that we can help you avoid costly mistakes and ultimately save money in the long run, and the project can scream "designer". From which marble to go with, to selecting kitchen pendants; we work with the builder to make sure the job is completed to everyone's expectations.
Paint Consultations:
Paint consultations are a more simple approach in the overall design process. We come out and give you your color palate then and there. However, there are certain instances when we need a couple of days to be sure the color scheme is tailored to perfection. Either way, this is an easy and affordable way to be sure your home, whether it be interior or exterior, is showing the proper color hues and you don't have the worry about selecting a color that has an undesired undertone, like purple, red, or green. 
We can walk into any space and simply decorate. It's basically the HGTV experience. We just need the canvas and we can go from there. In this category we work strictly off of an hourly rate.