The foundation of IE was built by Taylor Ferrara and her passion for all things surrounding the elements of design. Fueled by creativity and a hard working mentality, Taylor is widely known for her persistent attention to a clients unique needs and requests. One element at a time she comes up with the design plan to transform your house so it can become your H O M E.

  • I graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a bachelors degree in Interior Design 

  • I'm an allied member of The American Society of Interior Designers

  • In 2017 I founded Interior Elements with the help from my husband 

  • My husband owns an audio media company and also a musician 

  • We went to Italy for two weeks for our honeymoon 

  • It was the best two weeks of my life 

  • My beverage of choice is either wine, coffee, or water

  • I decided at age 11 that I wanted to become an Interior Designer

  • I've worked for some of Houstons elite design firms before making the jump of entrepreneurship 

  • I've lived in Houston my entire life

  • In my free time I like to paint

  • I'm a control freak in the kitchen, which is a blessing and a curse

  • Cooking is a way for me to decompress and relax

  • My zodiac sign is Scorpio and my enneagram # is 3

  • I have a 7-year background in fashion retail

  • My favorite color is black and I won't wear clothing with prints

  • If I weren't an interior designer I'd be a talk show host or event planner 

  • Writing is not in my strongest talents- So don't judge!

  • My goal is to design a life I love, as cheesy as that sounds

meet   taylor


INTERIOR (in-teer-ee-r) :



The inside part of a building, considered as a whole from the point of view of artistic design or general effect, convenience, etc.


ELEMENT (el-uh-mih-nts) :



A component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis:

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